Kanbawza Bank Limited(KBZBank) requires that all persons accessing our Online Banking (“iBanking”), mobile banking(“Mobile Banking”), and Payment Services (“Bill Payment Services”) adhere to set forth the following terms and conditions. By requesting or using Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and/or Payment Services or permitting someone else to use these on your behalf, the User indicates your acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms and conditions, which are from time to time subject to change.

  1. Definitions
    1. “Account” means an arrangement with the Bank that allows the User to keep the money at the Bank.
    2. “Bank" means Kanbawza Bank Ltd. (KBZ Bank).
    3. “Bill Payment Services” means online facility provided that enables customers to receive and pay bills through a computer or telephone.
    4. “Business Day” means Monday through Friday; Bank holidays are excluded.
    5. “Corporate Account User” means corporate customers separate from consumer or retail banking activities for individual accounts;
    6. “Instruction” means the Bank initiates that a transfer of funds as instructed by the User.
    7. “Mobile Banking” means the use of a smart phone or other device to perform Online Banking tasks such as monitoring account balances, transferring funds between accounts and locating an ATM.
    8. “Multiple Accounts” means the ability for User to enforce multiple authorizations on account transactions in Online Banking.
    9. “Online Banking” means computerized service that allows the Bank’s User to get online with the Bank via telephone lines to view the status of their account(s), transaction history and allow them to transfer funds, pay bill, etc.
    10. “Payroll” means an instruction to initiate a payment directly from one of the User accounts to the account(s) of one or more third party payees.
    11. “Personal Account User” means personal account owner or sole proprietor account owner;
    12. “User” means the person who is creating the Account to use the KBZ Bank online services.
  2. Online Services

    The Services allow the User to do the following here with but not limited to

    1. Account balance and transaction information for the User Account(s)
    2. Transfer funds internally between Accounts and setup recurring transfers from one Account to another
    3. Transfer funds by using of mobile number (Remit2U)
    4. Bill Payment for electronic bill, water bill, landline or phone bill, internet bill etc
    5. Payroll Services
    6. Cash Management
    7. Gift Card Purchasing (Virtual Credit)
    8. Airtime Topup
    9. Cash withdraw via ATM (Cardless withdrawal)
    10. Card Payments (Credit Card/Prepaid Card)
  3. Information Authorization

    KBZ Bank and our service provider reserve the right to obtain such additional information as KBZ Bank reasonably necessary to insure that the User is not using our Services in violation of law, including, but not limited to, laws and regulations designed to prevent ‘money laundering’ or the transfer of funds to accounts that are blocked under regulations of the Central Bank of Myanmar and Central Control Board in Ministry of Home Affairs.

  4. Authorization

    The User is responsible for every Instruction (including every Accounts Payable Request) in relation to the Account, regardless of whether that Instruction is from the User, a person authorized by the User or any other person acting with or without the User’s knowledge or consent.

    1. The User agrees that KBZ Bank may rely on (and the User hereby authorizes KBZ Bank to act upon) any Instruction given and (where required in your Application for Controlled Instructions) authorized, without any enquiry as to the identity or authority of the person giving or authorizing that Instruction. The User agrees that KBZ Bank will not in any way be liable to the User for relying or acting on any such Instruction.
    2. The User is responsible to ensure that all information included in an Instruction is complete, accurate and correct.
    3. An Instruction must not be subject to any conditions. KBZ Bank will act on a conditional Instruction as if it were an unconditional Instruction. It is your responsibility to use other means of obtaining information, giving Instructions and effecting transactions if for any reason the Service is unavailable for use or cannot be accessed by a User due to any malfunctioning of any systems or equipment supporting the Service. KBZ Bank shall not be obliged to act upon any Instruction which appears, in the Bank's opinion, to be contrary to any applicable law, regulation, government, court or regulatory body's order, rule, or direction, or in circumstances in which the Bank deems it legally inadvisable to act upon such Instruction.
  5. Accounts

    As an initial matter, the User must have a KBZ Bank account opened and in good standing to use the Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Payment Services. The User account will also be governed by this terms and conditions, disclosures and other documents provided to the User in connection with the opening of the User’s account, as they may be amended from time to time.

  6. Online Banking
    1. Account Access: To get an online account access, the User has to submit documents which are required by the Bank. The User may access their personal accounts online. When the User accesses the accounts, the User may obtain account balance and summary information, available funds information and all account transactions for the current statement period.
    2. Transfers of Funds: In addition to viewing account information, the User may use Online Banking to conduct a transfer of funds. The User may transfer funds among their accounts and other users’ accounts. In accordance with regulatory requirements, if transaction limitations are exceeded, the Bank will either prohibit any excess transactions or close the account.
    3. New Services: New services may be introduced for Online Banking from time to time. The Bank may notify the User of the existence of these new services. By using these services, when they become available, the User agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions concerning these services.
  7. Mobile Banking

    The User must be a registered Online Banking user in order to access Mobile Banking. The KBZ Bank Mobile Banking allows the User to conveniently access most of the functionality of Online Mobile Banking Services from virtually anywhere via the User mobile device. recipient In order to access and retain Communications, the User must have Email account and email software capable of reading and sending.

  8. Auto One-Time Password (AutoOTP)

    In order to facilitate more security and convenience way of authentication, User will have option to subscribe the AutoOTP feature. AutoOTP is an enhancement security feature on KBZ Mobile Banking app. AutoOTP leverages on your data connection and mobile number registered with the bank to send your one-time password (OTP) securely from our servers to your mobile device.

    After you have logged into KBZ Mobile Banking app and make a transaction, the system will automatically send the AutoOTP directly to your registered mobile device and authenticate in the background without you needing to key in the OTP. Thus, AutoOTP is faster, more convenient and secure.

    You shall take all steps necessary to allow KBZ Mobile Banking instruction to receive AutoOTP to your mobile device, including enabling Push Notifications through the KBZ Mobile Banking application.

  9. Authorized User Access

    The following parts of this section apply to Personal Accounts Only:

    1. Any personal account owner or sole proprietor account owner of an Activated Account May actual one in using the Online Banking to perform account transactions. Such access is granted completely at the Bank’s discretion.

    The following parts of this section apply to Joint Accounts Only:

    The User can access joint accounts and give the Instructions about them. If any of the User Accounts is a joint account user, the User’s joint account holder has consented for the User to use the Accounts for the Service. If the User would like to create the individual joint account, all the joint account holders have to sign when they open a joint account and any account holder has the authority to use the Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Payment Services and all joint account holders agree and acknowledge that anyone of joint account holder can use the online banking services. The Users agree to be jointly and severally liable under this terms and conditions and all other agreements which govern your account. The joint account holders hereby acknowledge that the liability by the way of incurring all charges, overdraft, or otherwise at any time in respect of any Banking or other Account in our joint names shall be several as well as joint. KBZ Bank will end your usage of the Service if any joint account holder notifies KBZ Bank that;

    1. the joint account can no longer be operated on the User Instructions alone, or
    2. the other joint account holders are withdrawing consent for the User to operate the joint account. If there is a dispute on this joint account or if any of the account holders disputes any of the Instructions on this account, KBZ Bank will suspend or block the access to the account through Internet Banking, and the Users will not be able to give the Instructions on it until the dispute is resolved.

    The following parts of this section apply to Corporate Accounts Only:

    1. Corporate Internet and Mobile Banking Users can manage their corporate account through KBZ Online and Mobile Banking service.
    2. The Corporate Account User can access the Cash Management and Multiple Account Transfer online service. Provided that, the Corporate Account User shall give a proper Instruction to KBZ Bank how to manage the User accounts.
  10. Manage Account Info and Services

    The User can view account balances, transaction history, and account details on accounts. Users can also order a new cheque and/or the User can block the cheque when the User has been lost or stolen.

  11. Fees and Charges

    Any fees and charges associated with Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Other Service are set forth in Annexure.

  12. Hours of Operation and Cut off Times

    The User transaction available cutoff time is at 4:00 p.m. and updated at 4:00a.m. Monday through Friday except on Bank holidays.

  13. Transaction Limitation

    The User can make a daily transaction the minimum amount 1000 MMK up to 20,000,000 MMK for individual account and corporate account can make a daily transaction limit up to 100,000,000 MMK.

  14. Payment Service
    1. The Payment Services permit the User to direct payments from the User Account to Third Party Account that the User wishes to pay.
    2. All payments the User makes will be deducted from the User Account and the User agrees that KBZ Bank may debit the User Account for such payments without requiring User’s signature on the item and without prior notice by the User. All Payments must be payable in Myanmar Kyat (MMK). KBZ Bank reserves the right to restrict types of Payees to whom payments may be made using the Payment Service from time to time.
    3. The User could use the Payment Service to make payments to settle electronic bill, water bill, landline (or) phone bill payments, gift card, quickpay etc. Payments for these Payees will be the User sole responsibility if delayed or improperly processed or credited.
  15. Payroll Service

    The Corporate Account User shall give a proper Instruction and how to prepare for payroll service.

    1. Preparing Payroll. In order to pay the User’s employees, the User shall provide KBZ Bank at a minimum, the employee’s name and address, amount of payment, date of payment, and identification of account into which are deposited to pay the User’s employees and the funds to make said payments.
    2. Source of Funds. The User shall designate the “Payroll Account” and shall maintain therein available funds in an amount sufficient to cover all payrolls.
    3. Availability of Funds. KBZ Bank requires that all funds scheduled for electronic transfer from the User must be deposited into the Payroll Account in sufficient time to insure that KBZ Bank debits clear.
    4. Electronic Transfers. Upon receipt of the electronic transaction the amounts shall be applied to the appropriate accounts.
  16. Insufficient Funds

    If the User has instructed KBZ Bank to make a payment for which there are insufficient available funds in the User future payment transaction on the date the payment is debited to the User account, the payment may not be made and the future payment transaction will automatically block future payment transaction until the account has sufficient funds. If the User Account has insufficient funds, the User can make three (3) attempts to use the account after which, KBZ Bank has the right to charge fines on the User.


    KBZ Bank will process and complete all Online Banking, Mobile Banking transactions and transactions initiated through transactions which comply with this terms and conditions. However, if KBZ Bank unable to complete any transaction initiated by the User because of the existence of one or more of the following circumstances:

    1. Through no fault of ours, the User account does not contain sufficient funds to complete the payment.
    2. Transactions are based on available funds in accordance with our funds availability policy;
    3. The Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Payment Service, the User communication line, your personal computer, your mobile device, or modem was not functioning properly and the User knew about the malfunction or were advised of It by KBZ Bank when the User started the transaction;
    4. The Payee missed or delays a payment properly sent by KBZ Bank;
    5. The User did not properly initiate transaction or provide KBZ Bank with the correct names and account information for those Payees to which the User wishes to direct payment;
    6. Circumstances beyond our control (such as, but not limited to, fire, power outage, equipment or technical breakdown, flood, or other outside force) prevent the proper execution of the transaction and KBZ Bank has taken reasonable precautions to avoid those circumstances;
    7. The User instructs KBZ Bank to make a type of payment, such as tax payment or court-ordered payment, which KBZ Bank cannot make;
    8. The funds are subject to legal process or other hold or encumbrance restricting such transfer.
  18. User Confidentiality/Security

    KBZ Bank identifies the Users by their unique User Id and Password. All transactions initiated with your User ID and Password will be attributed to the User. The User agrees not to give or make available your User ID and Password to any other individuals, including anyone claiming to represent KBZ Bank. The User a acknowledges that KBZ Bank will never ask the User for your Password or the answer to any security questions, and that KBZ Bank employees do not need the User Password or security question answers for any reason. However, the Bank has the right to ask the security question only when the User get a trouble in using the banking service. The User can contact the person who authorize in this banking service. In order to protect the User against fraud, the User needs to adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Do not give out the User account information, password, email ID, email password or National Registration Card Number;
    2. Do not leave your PC or mobile device un attended while the User is using Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and/or Payment Service;
    3. Never leave the User account information within range of others; and
    4. Do not send privileged account information (account number, password, etc.) in any public or general e-mail system.
  19. Security

    KBZ Bank is committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of information about the User account and use of the Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Payment Service. KBZ Bank has taken reasonable and appropriate measures to ensure that any personal information is always secure on KBZ Bank’s Online Banking website. However, KBZ Bank cannot guarantee that then on public personal information that may have previously been provided will not be intercepted by other sand unencrypted or compromised. KBZ Bank will not be held liable for any security breach that occurs for reasons outside of its control.


    If any provision of this terms and conditions is determined to be void or invalid, the rest of this terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect.

  21. Amendments to Terms and Conditions

    The terms, conditions, fees, transaction limitation and service charges applicable to Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Payment Service may be changed by KBZ Bank from time to time and the User can check on the online. In such event, KBZ Bank shall inform to use User by public social media, in App notification and SMS alert. KBZ Bank also reserves the right to send such notice by Postal Mail. Any use of the Online Banking, Mobile Banking, or Payment Service after a change or changes take effect will constitute this terms and conditions to such changes. If an immediate change is necessary, for security reasons and/or according to the rules and regulations, KBZ Bank may make the change without any prior notice.

  22. Address Changes

    KBZ Bank may rely on the User address, including, without limitation, the User e-mail address, as it appears on KBZ Bank records for any and all communications KBZ Bank send to the User unless and until the User notifies KBZ Bank in writing at KBZ Bank for the change of address, and KBZ Bank has had a reasonable opportunity to act on such notice.


    KBZ Bank may suspend or terminate the Service at any time, with or without cause and without affecting your outstanding obligations under this terms and conditions. KBZ Bank may immediately take this action if: the User breaches this or any other agreement with KBZ Bank; KBZ Bank has reason to believe that there has been or may be unauthorized or illegal use of the User account or the Service; or there are conflicting claims to the funds in the User account.

  24. Telephone Number and Addresses

    The telephone number and email address to be used to notify KBZ Bank when the User identified that an unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfer has been or may be made are:

    1. Customer Service at (+959951018555)

    Or the User may write to KBZ Bank (

  25. Governing Law

    This terms and conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Any disputes arising from this terms and conditions shall be submitted to a competent court of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.