About Us


Kanbawza’s internet banking system is created using Flexcube Oracle Core Banking System . It offers a fast and convenient way of doing banking transactions on the web. It is easy to use and comes with exciting features to speed up your banking – whether you’re logging in, making payments or navigating around.Whatever function you use it for, you can be safe in the knowledge that Online Banking is completely secure. If you have a computer or mobile with Internet access, a web browser and a registered account for Internet banking from our Kanbawza Bank under Flexcube banking system , you’ll be able to use our KBZ online banking from the comforts of home, office or virtually anywhere else in the world. With Internet banking you’ll be able to:

  1. Account Enquiry
  2. Own account transfer
  3. Multiple account transfer
  4. Internal account transfer
  5. Standing instruction
  6. Bulk payment
  7. Cash management
  8. Stop cheque payment